Common Injuries Sustained During Pressure Washing

Posted On February 9, 2020

Pressure washing machines are very powerful machines, which you can’t underestimate at all because if you do, it can cause serious and even fatal injuries to you and nearby individuals. There are two types of pressure washing machines used in the market, gas, and electric, with gas pressure washers emitting water at 2,000-4,000 PSI and the power emitting capability of electric pressure washers at 1,000 PSI. It is obvious that more powerful pressure washers offer faster and more efficient cleaning, but at the same time, they can inflict more damage as well, if used improperly.

Pressure washers are fully capable of injuring you in multiple ways, but when it comes to the most common injuries caused by these powerful machines, then those include slip and falls, abrasions, high-pressure injection, and blindness. The pressure at which the water emits is good enough to cause an injury to you. On top of that, if you are using chemicals during the cleaning process, then that will make things worse.

Injuries and wounds sustained while pressure washing appears deceptively benign, but one must consult a doctor after sustaining injuries because only a qualified doctor can examine and treat the injuries in the most suitable way.


Pressure washing usually results in abrasions, and if you want to avoid getting it, then make a habit to wear protective clothing, long pants, closed shoes, and gloves. Don’t point the pressure washer at anybody or yourself, and don’t depress the trigger until you are 100% sure of the position of the gun.

Slips and falls

Slips and falls are also quite common when working with water. In most cases, people suffer from fractured bones and sprained waist and/or ankles. Some injuries can be fatal as well, so make sure to wear anti-skid boots while working with a pressure washer and if using the machine on an elevated surface, make use of a ladder, lift or crane.

Pressure washing equipment is a professional tool, and there is no reason to use it as a toy because a single act of foolishness may lead to lifelong troubles.

Blindness & other eye injuries

If the pressure washer is pointed towards the eye of a person, then it can cause serious injuries to the eye. On many occasions, when the pressure washer is pointed towards nails, rocks, glass pieces and other solid debris, it has hurtle through the air at damaging speeds. Then, there are chemicals and detergents, which splash up from the surface, causing injuries to the eyes. To avoid eye injuries, you must wear safety glasses/goggles.

High-pressure injection (HPI)

High-pressure injection (HPI) may not be as common as other injuries, but one can’t write off these. When debris and/or chemicals penetrate the skin and cause deep tissue damage, then that is called high-pressure injection. To reduce the risk of HPI, you should use fan nozzles or a wide-angle to disburse the pressure over a wider area.

You need to come prepared before using power-washing equipment because one small mistake could result in one or more injuries to you and/or anybody around you.

Written by Richard

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